In January 1958, C.L. Fowler took over the presidential position and passed on the Building Committee duties to Bob Pollard, which he and his committee capably handled through completion and furnishing.

As detailed plans for the Club developed, its site was expanded (along with its cost!) from some 12,000 sq. ft. to approximately 23,165 sq. ft. to include a large basement area, an expanded entrance area, and the raised terrace areas. As costs mounted, it became apparent that additional financing would be required over and above the original projections. Through the efforts of Irving Dumm, Dan Boone, and others, a loan was arranged at the Farmers & Merchants Bank which was guaranteed by a syndicate of Club members. Recognition is herewith given to those men who “went out on a limb” in the Club’s time of need: Jerry L. Evans, Lee Foust, C.L. Fowler, George Brayton, James T. Satchell, Irving Dumm, M.H. Stansbury, J.K. Kellogg, Wilbur Harrison, D.A. Boone, R.M. Pyles, Francis Tholen, Harold H. Parks, Roland P. Armell, John S McCune, Tom D. Harrison, Walter J. Scott, Earle L. Maddox, Homer R. Dulin, Lyle M. Anderson, William H. Brayton, Paul N. Baker, Frank Vessels, Jr., Walter Everts, Howard Dumm. Robert Dumm, R.J. Guess, R.C. Cacaulay, Macrate Oil Company by Art Macrate, R.E. Ziebarth, Roland Raasch, Clarence E. Ball, Barry Merritt, Phil A. Hattery, C.T. Gates Don Kuster, H. Douglas Lemons, O.M. Slosson, J.M. Jackson, Fred Johnson, Karl Mercer, Richard Clements, Bill Cree, Bill Rogers, Otis Crabtree, H. John Eastman, B.E. Cockriel and George Thagard. Incidentally, all monies borrowed and advanced were repaid with interest during succeeding seven years. Howard Dumm and Carl Gates were selected as Syndicate Managers to coordinate with the Board of Directors in the expenditure of these monies.

Additional land other than that included in the agreement with Mr. Reingardt was secured: The center strip of Linden Avenue for parking to conform with requirements of the Planning Commission, and, with an eye to future expansion, the lot to the north of the Club building was purchased.