There was quite a flurry one day when a man arrived in the lobby bearing welding rods and blowtorch and even more when he began to attack the pillars with this torch!

However, Mr. Fowler had engaged him to create what we now have come to recognize as a progressive sculpture of a gasoline cracking plant (or did you recognize it as such?). The wielder of the torch was Bernard Zimmerman, an artist from Beverly Hills. The lobby was further enhanced by the painting “Sunlit Surf”, an original by the noted Robert Woods, which was a gift from Mrs. Jack Herley in memory of her husband; a framed grouping of portraits of the original Board of Directors, which was a gift from J.M. Jackson, and a working model of an oil well, loaned to the club by K.L. Kellogg & Sons. The black lighted mural in the ballroom was painted there some years later, a gift of F.E. Fairfield.